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ŠKD Dobermann Slovenija,

The Club that wants to move the dobermann scene in Slovenia from dead center
The Club where there will be a lot of debate
The Dobermann Club where future owners will exchange views and experience of and with the dogs
The Club where constant meetings are being established
The Club with a positive motivation!

Why become a member of theŠKD DobermanSlovenia?
- Dog School with positive motivation
- ŠKD is a Club of well prepared young team members that offer a pleasant company
- Because of the many events that will take place
- The possibility for members to be in the organization
- We offer advice and assistance to all existing and potential Dobermann breeders and other dog breeds owners, as well

You are invited to become a member of the club and help assuring the positive development of the dobermann breed.

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Welcome  is the official slovenian dobermann site, that keeps you and your fellow breeders informed and up to date.

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